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December 2015 Event: Inspire Or Perspire? Getting Students Speaking

Speaker: Andy Boon (Toyo Gakuen University, Tokyo)

**This event will be followed by a joint Osaka-Nara Xmas Party**

Date & Time: Saturday, 12 December 2015 – 3:30pm5:00pm

Venue: Ikoma City, Takemaru Hall (Ikoma Chuo Kominkan), Room 6  (access)

Fee: Free for JALT members, and 1000 yen for non-members


This presentation will introduce the audience to a number of strategies that can help break the silence in the Japanese classroom and get students engaging in meaningful communication. Audience members will be asked to try out a number of tried and tested speaking activities and also be encouraged to share their ideas for getting students talking to one another in the L2. Inspire is a listening and speaking course with additional content reading designed to create a richer speaking experience. The spectacular National Geographic photos and video provide enduring images that inspire learners to discover the world in all its brilliance.


Andy Boon is an associate professor in the faculty of humanities at Toyo Gakuen University, Tokyo. He has been teaching in Japan for over 17 years. He holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Aston University. He has been an active member of JALT since 2004, has presented at numerous conferences, and has published several articles on teacher development, motivation, and methodology. He is also co-author of Inspire; a 3-level listening and speaking coursebook (Cengage Learning, 2013-14).

This event will be followed by a joint Osaka-Nara Xmas party at a restaurant close to the venue. Start time approx 6.30 pm. Full details to follow, RSVP only.

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The reflective teacher: Towards self-actualization – Andy Boon (Toyo Gakuen University) – April 8, 2012

Nara JALT is very proud to present Andy Boon (Toyo Gakuen University) for our April event. This will be a wonderful opportunity to not only catch this unique presentation in a secluded, intimate setting but also join Andy and all the attendees for some casual discourse and refreshments under the fluttering cherry blossoms in Nara Park following the formalities.
Date: April 8, 2012
Time: 12:00–13:30 (followed by hanami in the park)
Event title: The reflective teacher: Towards self-actualization
Speaker: Andy Boon (Toyo Gakuen University)
In the act of teaching, we have little time to reflect on the successes or puzzles that occur within our classes and can lose valuable opportunities for gaining insights into our pedagogic practice. There is a need, therefore, for practical ways to help us think back upon our experiences more deeply and to discover what is actually happening in our classrooms. This workshop discusses the process of becoming reflective and the journey towards pedagogic self-actualization. It also provides a number of strategies and frameworks that can be used by teachers to facilitate critical reflection on their teaching and find new discoveries, possibilities, and ideas for research themes there.
*All are welcome and encouraged to join the family friendly after-event. Please bring some of your favorite hanami drinks and snacks along, kick back and relax in the stunning surroundings. Further details to follow.